Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world… but it can be a pain to get to. Revenue tickets to Bali are sometimes crazy expensive and award tickets might be hard to find. While browsing the Mileage Run forum on FlyerTalk a couple of weeks ago, I noticed an interesting thread: Bali for ~$668. At first I thought this was a glitch on United’s part since there was no way flights would be that cheap… but a month later.. the sale is still there! I found good deals from Seattle to Bali for around ~$800 in January, February and March. I’m super tempted to buy this and visit Bali as the hotels are dirt-cheap from what I found on Expedia. The only problem is that I want to go for at least a week but don’t have time until April… when fares are back to their regular prices.

The ‘deal’ has been going on since early November and several people have already booked and returned and prove that the fare really can be flown for that amount of money. Bali is definitely at the top of my list of places to visit in Asia and seeing an opportunity like this makes me seriously want to consider it but with university and work it just isn’t possible until late March/early April. I’ve been checking these fares daily and still no sale for the dates I want to go. Hopefully I can find a good deal and go since it would be super cool to visit Indonesia.

Here’s the thread on FlyerTalk that follows this discussion.