During the second quarter of 2015, United Airlines will be distributing over 23.000 iPhones to flight attendants. The iPhone 6 Plus will enable flight attendants to be more ‘flyer-friendly’ mainly because the phones will act as cash registers for most onboard purchases and will also eventually replace the paper flight attendant manuals. Some of the other features include access to the United intranet, united.com, company email, and more.

Okay, this is really cool. I love technology and I love flying and I believe that when you integrate the two closely together, superior things are possible. United also began issuing iPads to their pilots in 2011 and they have also recently upgraded those iPads to the new iPad Air 2. I am interested to see how this will all work together and how the service for the passengers will be improved. Apparently seat upgrade purchases will also be possible via the flight attendants’ iPhones, which (if it works) will be a very cool feature.

(Via Chicago Tribune)