I’m literally jumping up and down from excitement as I write this blog post. OMG I JUST BOOKED LUFTHANSA FIRST CLASS!!!!!

And not only that, it is on a Boeing 747-400, that means I will have a SEAT and a BED!

And what is even more exciting is that I was able to book the flight a couple of months in advance. Typically, Lufthansa releases First Class award seats to partner airlines around 14 days in advance (if they even release the seats). Since my primary frequent flyer programme is Miles&More, I was able to book Lufthansa First Class in advance.

The total cost was 85k Miles&More miles and ~$470 in Taxes and Fees.

Is it a great value? Maybe. However, there are no good ways of booking Lufthansa First Class anymore, the only other two best ways are Air Canada Aeroplan or United MileagePlus. Aeroplan imposes taxes while United doesn’t, however with United you need 110k miles and with Aeroplan you need 62.5k. Out of all of these three ways to book, I would say Aeroplan is probably the best way since it requires fewer miles (now of course this is booking within 14 or less days of departure). United miles are easy to collect, so if one is collecting them rapidly, it might make sense to book via United and avoid taxes & fees.

Either way, I needed to book in advance and I was lucky enough to be able to find space (as with Miles&More it is sometimes tough to find space as well).

I CAN’T WAIT! P.S. I am connecting onward from Frankfurt with a 7+ hour layover, First Class Terminal, here I come! 🙂