While casually browsing the App Store on my iPhone last night, I discovered an amazing app which I’m surprised I’ve never heard of, LoungeBuddy!

The app is really cool because you can select & save your Elite Status, Lounge Memberships, Credit Cards, etc and then the app uses that information to provide you lounge information at an airport of your choice. In my settings I selected that I have Star Gold, the Amex Platinum Card (with Priority Pass Select), and a couple of other credit cards which include some sort of lounge access. When you launch the app, it remembers your settings and asks you to create a ‘trip’ or view an airport.

When you create a trip you have to select your origin, destination and class of service, the app then displays all of the lounges which you can enter:


When you tap on a lounge, the app displays a bunch of helpful information including where the lounge is located, the lounge’s amenities, photos, review, hours of operation and it even tells you what you need to show so that you can gain free access into the lounge!!


What is awesome about the app is that it is truly accurate, it tells you exactly what you need to get into the lounge for free, how many guests you can bring, etc. We’ve all been in tons of airports worldwide and sometimes finding lounges in airports we haven’t been to can be a pain since you might have multiple elite statuses, multiple lounge cards, etc. This app essentially provides you all of that information in just a couple of taps!

Best of all, it’s FREE! Download it now, it will truly make your travel easier. I wish I had discovered this earlier!