Hi everyone,

I’m currently jet-lagged writing this post at 4 in the morning from Europe, so if something seems off, just let me know 🙂 I just finished my trip report to Mexico City (which I hope everyone enjoyed) and a couple of things have happened over the past two weeks which I thought I would update you guys on:

  • I flew back home to Poland in Lufthansa Business Class (trip report soon)
  • I finished my first year of University
  • I joined Prior2Boarding!

This post is mainly about the third point on the list. I am now a member of the Prior2Boarding community which features some of the best travel bloggers on the internet!

Link to the Prior2Boarding home page

Prior2Boarding was developed by the same team which founded BoardingAreaFlyerTalk, FlyerGuide, MilePoint, etc. I was given the opportunity to join the community of bloggers at Prior2Boarding by its founder, Randy Petersen. Randy is the mastermind behind all of the Frequent Flyer Services and is an expert at all things travel, miles and points; he is also seen as the godfather of our community (and perhaps obsession for points).

For those of you who are reading this for the first time, Welcome! I’m Dominik and I was born in Poland but I spend most of the year studying at University in Seattle, USA. Ever since I was young my parents would always take me on countless trips and voyages throughout the year from which I developed my love for travelling and flying. I’m currently 18 years old and I’ve been travelling since I was about a year old, I also speak 3 languages – Polish (native), English, and Spanish. Throughout the years I’ve travelled to more than twenty countries spread around the world. I really enjoy collecting miles and points which help me travel the world a premium way at a economy price. If you’d like to find out more about me, please visit the about page.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for live updates throughout my travels.

Also, follow/like Prior2Boarding on Twitter and Facebook as my posts will now show up there. In addition to social media, the Prior2Boarding home page features all the latest articles from us bloggers.

If you are already a reader or if you just happened to view this blog, I should note that a couple of changes will soon take place, however I will still have full control over the blog and its contents. More updates on that later.

Welcome and thank you for reading!