I Love Lufthansa. And no it does not have to do directly with what is below 🙂 :


During last week, I took a trip to Austria. Specifically I flew to Vienna and Innsbruck to visit the two cities (trip report coming soon), I flew Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines on a total of six flights, 3 of each airline. Let me just begin by saying that Austrian no where near compares to the service on Lufthansa. I know Austrian is a part of the Lufthansa group, but still, you just can’t compare both airlines.

Flying Austrian made me realise how much I truly love Lufthansa. I’ve always loved them since I began flying with them back in the day (meaning when I was about 12), yes there have been ups and downs but for the most part the service has always been professional and consistent.

Every time I board a LH plane I feel like I am ‘home’, it just feels like this is the airline I should fly. Whenever I fly some other carrier, I always have that feeling that I wish I would be flying with Lufthansa. For the most part, I wanted to try out Austrian since I’ve never flown with them before and considering they’re a part of Star Alliance and Miles & More, I decided to give it a go. Austrian really let me down (not with the food, I actually think it was better than LH), but rather with the onboard overall atmosphere and how the crew interacted with the passengers.

I flew three segments with Austrian, so I don’t know if it is fair to judge them or not but I will simply share what I observed on all flights. Upon boarding there was no flight attendant welcoming passengers, instead all of them were madly trying to prepare for the flight as if they had just arrived. We were not offered anything before take-off, the FAs did not interact with the passengers in Business class or Economy at all before we were in the air. No word was spoken. Once in the air we were handed food and drinks and the FAs went back to serve Economy and never came back to see if anyone needed re-fills or to have their tray cleared. They simply came back after finishing the service in Economy, collected our food items and went back to Economy. After landing there was no one standing and saying goodbye to the passengers and there was no ‘thank you for flying Austrian’.

Anyway, back to the point. I usually fly United while in the U.S. but I’ve never really had this strong feeling of not flying Lufthansa when I fly United. However, now, I was observing Lufthansa planes at Vienna airport and wishing that I was on one of them. The point I am trying to make is that no airline that I’ve flown so far in my life has even began to compare to Lufthansa. Lufthansa is the airline that I will always choose if I’m given the option. Once back on the Lufthansa plane after visiting Vienna and Innsbruck, immediately I felt at home and the FAs were very nice and I was once again presented with Lufthansa’s amazing onboard service. Everyone was addressed by name and there was one FA that was strictly responsible for Business class and she did an excellent job.

I’m not trying to hate on Austrian because by far they have better food than Lufthansa, but it would be nice if they were trained to approach their jobs with a smile. After all their motto is ‘We fly for your smile’, but I’m quite certain no one actually smiled after landing. I probably will fly Austrian again in the future but it is not going to be something that I look forward to. Every LH flight I plan, I always wonder how it will be and what I can expect and for the most part LH always blows me away with the amazing service and the professional attitudes of the crew. Another point to make is that whenever my bag gets lost (which happens rarely), Lufthansa is always the fastest to deliver my baggage. Somehow my bag did go missing and I had it at my house the next morning. I flew SAS and LOT a lot back in the day and my bags were constantly lost and it took days for me to get them (and sometimes I didn’t get all of the contents inside back).

The main point I am trying to make here is that Lufthansa’s service is top notch and so far this year I’ve flown with them lots and have not been disappointed once. Lufthansa really takes an extra step to make sure all passengers are comfortable and have what they need during the flight whereas other airlines just operate because it is what they do.

I hope this post doesn’t sound too biased but Lufthansa just surprises me on every flight and I can’t stop thinking about how awesome every flight with them must be. Sure, I like to fly other airlines as well but there is no airline like Lufthansa.

Enjoy the video below to see what I’m talking about…

There’s no better way to fly 🙂