To sum up the night, this is what it looked like:


After landing from San Juan, we were taxiing to the gate and the captain said we’d have to wait at the gate for 30 minutes because the ramp in Chicago was closed. Basically, we landed and they shut down the airport because of strong winds, hail and rain. It was a mess. After someone finally decided to let us off of the airplane, I got a notification on my iPhone that the flight from Chicago to Seattle was delayed. The original departure was supposed to be at 20:32 and we didn’t leave Chicago until around 00:30.

What had happened is that the airplane which was supposed to be taking us from Chicago to Seattle landed in Rockford, IL because ORD was closed during the ETA of the plane. So our flight kept getting delayed… and delayed… and delayed.. It kept getting delayed by 30 minutes, but knowing how the airplane hadn’t even arrived yet, I knew that we wouldn’t depart for a long, long time. I was a little upset that United couldn’t have provided a different airplane. ORD is one of United’s hubs and they should’ve had extra planes for situations like this. I spent the night walking between the lounge and the gate, I would go the gate and check to see if they were boarding then I would get an alert and go back to the lounge and this continued for about 10 times. Finally at 00:00 I went to the gate and just sat down and waited, finally the airplane pulled in and we boarded. We landed in Seattle at 04:30 and I was home at 5 thanks to Uber (which was much cheaper than a taxi).

My vacation in the Virgin Islands ended in a very interesting way. I emailed United mainly because I was upset that they just didn’t send us on a different airplane and they replied with the usual apology and a $75 certificate which was a nice gesture.