A Trip to México City
United Airlines First Class B737 Seattle to San Francisco
United Airlines First Class B737 San Francisco to Los Angeles
United Airlines First Class A320 Los Angeles to San Francisco
United Airlines Business Class A320 San Francisco to Mexico City
American Express The Centurion Lounge Mexico City (Terminal 1 Airside)
United Club Mexico City
United Airlines Business Class A320 Mexico City to Los Angeles
United Airlines First Class A319 Los Angeles to Denver
United Airlines First Class B737 Denver to Seattle

Wow. A mileage run combined with a vacation. Let’s just say the journey was quite interesting. Back in January I decided it would be a good idea to visit my friend in Mexico City sometime in June. As I knew when I was going to finish my first year of University, I decided to book the flight on the day after the last day of class. I was looking at Economy fares between Seattle and Mexico City and the prices were outrageous – $600 USD for a T fare! Unbelievable! I looked at multiple websites and waited a couple of months to see if the price drops, nope, not a chance. As I was going to book, I noticed the price for First/Business was $900 USD in a United P fare. I thought to myself, what the hell, let’s book it. I’d rather spend $300 more and not have to use miles to upgrade the flights. Plus P fares earn 100% of the miles flown with Miles&More as opposed to T fares, which earn minimal miles. Again, as I was about to book it, I decided to have some fun and added a couple of segments so that I could integrate a mini mileage run into the vacation. So instead of 4 segments, I had 7 booked, 4 outbound and 3 inbound. The price dropped by a dollar. Clearly you can’t beat 7 segments in First/Business class on United’s P fare for under $1000. The total miles flown was 6673, however thanks to 500 mile minimums, I earned a little over 7000 miles.

I spent 9 days in Mexico City with a friend and we went to several museums and attractions that I had previously not seen. This was my fourth time visiting Mexico City and there still was so much to do and see. It is the world’s biggest city and I just love it, the culture, the people and the life is breathtaking.

Stay tuned for the trip report!