Avianca FA Doesn’t Believe I’m in Business Class!

As if the trip back to Seattle from Peru couldn’t get any more, well, interesting… As I wrote yesterday, my friend and I were flying from Lima to the U.S., after a wonderful trip to Peru, and we were both treated like sh!t by the Lima Airport ground agents.. and I’m sure everyone was equally badly treated – so there’s no distinction between Business Class… Read More

Lima Airport: Where Airlines Treat Passengers Like Sh!t

Hello from Lima Airport where I’m not having the best end to my wonderful South American adventure due to the incompetence and rudeness of multiple airline staff. It has been a wonderful week, I spent most of it in Cusco and yesterday visited Machu Picchu, which was a real gem and a place I’ve wanted to visit for years. I also stayed at Tambo del Inka,… Read More

Lufthansa Breaks My Luggage, Sends New Bags 2 Days Later

Have I mentioned I love Lufthansa yet?! I was flying from Frankfurt to Kraków recently in Lufthansa Business Class on an Airbus A319 and checked some bags for the short-haul flight of one hour. I checked in semi-used bags that I’ve had for a few years now, though they weren’t damaged in any way. When I arrived in Kraków, I noticed one of the bags… Read More

LATAM is so Stingy with Award Availability

LATAM Airlines is the unified airline of LAN and TAM, both oneworld members. The two airlines are still in the process of the merger.. and it is taking ages to complete. A majority of the planes are still painted in separate LAN and TAM liveries, while the branding is all as one unified airline – LATAM. Personally, I really like the logo and branding of… Read More

Avianca FA Doesn’t Believe I’m in Business Class!

Lima Airport: Where Airlines Treat Passengers Like Sh!t

Lufthansa Breaks My Luggage, Sends New Bags 2 Days Later

LATAM is so Stingy with Award Availability

Booked: Lufthansa’s Longest Flight in First Class

When it comes to the First Class experience, it is best to fly it on ultra-long routes (and of course get to the airport plenty early to experience the wonderful ground services). My favourite First Class product is Lufthansa First Class and I’ve flown it at least 30 times in my life already (if not more). However, Lufthansa is drastically reducing First Class so there… Read More

Here’s What United Said About My Awful Global First Experience

Last Friday I flew United Airlines Global First from San Francisco to Frankfurt on their ancient Boeing 747-400. I flew the product voluntarily and no one forced me to. Hell, some people thought something happened to me when I told them I’m flying United. Internationally. I really thought United had changed. You’d think after all of the service improvements they said they were going to implement and… Read More

Is This The Longest Lufthansa First Class Flight?

The Lufthansa First Class product is incredible – comfortable seating, delicious food, attentive and professional service, amazing ground services, etc. The only issue is that Lufthansa is eliminating First Class from their aircraft like crazy. It all started a few years ago with the Boeing 747-400 which featured a separate seat and bed in First Class. That was cut. Then First Class was eliminated from… Read More

Lufthansa First or SWISS Business?

I’m flying in a few days and naturally, I haven’t booked anything yet. As I explained yesterday, I love to book last minute because I literally have a wide selection of airlines to select from. Should I fly Lufthansa First or SWISS Business Class? I’ve flown Lufthansa First Class more times than I can count, but I’ve only flown SWISS Business Class once a few… Read More

All of my Travel is Booked Last Minute

Booking last minute provides greater availability and more options since airlines and hotels will usually open up all unsold seats/rooms as awards, which means they are bookable using points. Back in the days, I would plan all of my trips months in advance. Literally, like 8 months out. Thankfully those days are over, because when I did that, I would be locked into a certain… Read More

Despite Polaris Enhancements, United International First Class is still a Joke

11k METRES ABOVE – Hello from the sky. I honestly do not even know where to begin.. Oh, United… I’m presently somewhere over the Atlantic on my way from San Francisco to Frankfurt on a United Airlines Boeing 747-400 in United Polaris First Class (Global First). I was really looking forward to the flight, I’ve read United did get better in the premium cabins since… Read More

Booked 4 Hours Before Departure: Hello Europe!

You can consider this post to be part two to the adventure I wrote about yesterday. Basically I didn’t know if I will be flying to Europe today.. and well, I am! Hello from the sky! I’m currently flying to San Francisco from where I will board a flight to Europe. So I can now tell my friends who think I am crazy that I… Read More

When You’re Not Sure If You’ll Fly to Europe. Tomorrow.

Oh the life of a frequent flyer and miles-loving person. Who is going to Europe tomorrow? I don’t know, maybe me… So it is almost midnight in Seattle and I have no idea if in 12 or so hours I will be on a plane to Europe. My parents and friends think I am crazy, but that is my life. Basically, a flight I have… Read More

Amenity Kits and PJs are 50% of My “Stuff”

What does a frequent flyer and miles-obsessed person collect? Not only miles and points… but also airline Amenity Kits, PJs, and slippers. So I’m packing and trying to reduce my physical “stuff”. I’m a minimalist so at the moment I only have a carry-on full of clothing, one big suitcase full of amenity kits, slippers, and PJs I’ve collected over the years, and one more… Read More

Fuel Surcharges on Award Tickets Need to Go Away

Fuel Surcharges on award tickets need to go away. Seriously. As you all know, I run an award booking service and with 90% of our clients, we book awards through United MileagePlus – meaning no fuel surcharges, and taxes on award tickets are usually no more than $100 per person. Very reasonable. However, I’ve been booking more and more award tickets from programmes that impose fuel… Read More