My Latest SSSS Experience…

My latest SSSS experience was… actually totally fine and rather normal. I’ve had an interesting last week, I decided to fly to Cancun on Tuesday night to meet up with some people there and booked Seattle to Los Angeles to Cancun with Delta for under $200, one-way. I was also upgraded to First Class on the Seattle to Los Angeles flight thanks to my Alaska… Read More

It Costs HOW Much to Renounce U.S. Citizenship?!

Due to the results of the recent election in the United States (and the actions of the new president tyrant as of the past two weeks), many are looking to move abroad (something I recommend) and start new lives outside of America. Many of those who hold dual citizenships (an American one and another one) are now looking to exclusively renounce U.S. citizenship and permanently move elsewhere…. Read More

My December Travels

Happy December! December is one of my favourite months of the year as I usually spend it at home with family in Europe preparing for Christmas and celebrating. This year is no exception and my December travels will include Poland, but I was also thinking about visiting another European city for a short period of time. I really want to visit some European Christmas Markets… Read More

Mexico’s Hidden Gem: Loreto

I love Mexico. I love it so much that I lived in Mexico City for a few months a few years ago and go back on a regular basis as I’m just in love with the culture, people, etc. I’ve mainly spent my time in Mexico in Mexico City, the nation’s fascinating capital, though I’ve also been to Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, Guanajuato, and a few… Read More

Why I’m Not Loyal to U.S. Airlines

As we all know, some chAAnges have recently been made which caused a ton of frustration among frequent flyers loyal to a certain AAirline. For reasons why I don’t understand, the majority of frequent flyers involved in the miles and points ‘game’ have seemed to love American Airlines and their frequent flyer programme for years. Sure, it was a great frequent flyer programme up until early this… Read More

Lufthansa First Class – Miles Not Wasted

Happy June! June is one of my favourite months because the summer is almost here, which for me means that I will be heading back to Europe soon for an amazing summer with family and lots of travel. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend… I did.. flying Aeromexico! Let me explain: last week I posted about the idea of flying from Mexico City to… Read More

Waste of Miles or Awesome Route? (Lufthansa First Class)

I’m flying to my favourite city in the world on Wednesday to visit a few friends, and I couldn’t be any more excited! I love Mexico City and the Mexican culture in general, so while I probably won’t be exploring much, I will be seeing a ton of friends that I have there.. and that makes me quite happy. So how am I getting there?… Read More

Alaska Mileage Run

Last weekend I flew from Seattle to Portland… via Anchorage, of course; what normal person wouldn’t do that?! So I don’t know if technically this would qualify for an Alaska Mileage Run or a Portland Mileage Run. 😉 About a month ago, American Airlines had some sort of mistake or glitch in their booking system whereby some people were able to book tickets from Seattle to Portland… Read More

Airline Loyalty isn’t Easy

It’s hard to be loyal to more than one airline.. airline loyalty is hard.. it really is. For me the way that has worked the best is to be loyal and maintain elite status with one of the best airlines in the world, Lufthansa, as they fly to basically everywhere I need to be. Now because I live in the USA for a part of… Read More

Is 7 Hours in Doha, Qatar Enough?

I’m still in the planning process of my first trip to Asia and Australia during this summer (from Europe). I know that I’m flying into Hong Kong so far and then flying out of Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. So I still have to work out the flights within Asia and to Australia and then the flights from the Middle East back to Europe. I’m flying… Read More