Airline Loyalty isn’t Easy

It’s hard to be loyal to more than one airline.. airline loyalty is hard.. it really is. For me the way that has worked the best is to be loyal and maintain elite status with one of the best airlines in the world, Lufthansa, as they fly to basically everywhere I need to be. Now because I live in the USA for a part of… Read More

Is 7 Hours in Doha, Qatar Enough?

I’m still in the planning process of my first trip to Asia and Australia during this summer (from Europe). I know that I’m flying into Hong Kong so far and then flying out of Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. So I still have to work out the flights within Asia and to Australia and then the flights from the Middle East back to Europe. I’m flying… Read More

My Longest Flight in Economy in 4+ Years

Thanks to miles and points I have been able to travel the world in luxurious ways for a relatively small cost to myself. Flying First Class on some of the world’s top airlines for under $400 USD (though sometimes even a lot less) is amazing in my opinion, and sometimes it is important to step back and think about how miles and points have changed… Read More

What Flying First Class on U.S. Airlines Feels Like

I’m starting to finish up my trip report to Rio de Janeiro, whereby I booked a very cheap United Airlines Global First fare that earned me just a bit under ~50k miles – and for a fare that cheap, it was a total deal that I couldn’t pass. Flying First Class on U.S. airlines is a totally different experience than flying First Class on non-U.S…. Read More

Next Weekend: New York City

It has been just under a year since I’ve last visited New York City, and I couldn’t help myself not booking a cheap, $200 USD Alaska Airlines ticket that will earn me a little under ~5k (valuable) miles, to visit NYC again. When I first visited New York City last May, I absolutely fell in love with the city and it quickly became one of… Read More

Stop Complaining about Fuel Surcharges

Why is it that people want everything for *free*? Honestly, I’ve been quiet about fuel surcharges up until now when a friend told me they’d rather redeem their miles for an iPad instead of paying $400 USD for fuel surcharges for travel in Lufthansa First Class. I thought I was going to kill him. I’ve seen tons and tons of complaints about fuel surcharges from everyone… Read More

Flying United’s New Domestic First Class Soon!

Later this week, my domestic First Class flight of about ~6 hours is scheduled to be operated by an Airbus A320 with the new United Domestic First Class! Hopefully the aircraft doesn’t get swapped for another A320 that still has the old First Class. There are a few A319/A320s that feature United’s New Domestic First Class, but they are limited. You can reference the United… Read More

Loyal to Hotels – I Give Up

A few months ago I wrote a post about Convenience or Loyalty, basically sharing my frustration that I couldn’t use my miles on a flight… but I could fly with easyJet for a low price – it’s hard to be loyal, it really is. Well, recently I’ve been experiencing this “convenience or loyalty” feeling much more. I shared last week my frustration of recent award… Read More

Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation

One common question I’m asked is: “what is the difference between a Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation?” Airline systems absolutely fascinate me – especially the way they sync with the airlines’ websites, flight information display systems, mobile apps, etc. Also, how airline integration works is a super cool subject – just seeing how various airlines partner with each other and how their systems are set… Read More

The U.S. Domestic First Class Meal

One thing that fascinates me about premium cabin air travel on short-medium haul routes is the standards that airlines determine for what amenities they offer on those flights. American and European airlines vary widely in service and almost in all cases, European airlines always win. Then you also have Asian airlines, which are generally considered better than both American and European airlines. I’d like to explain the… Read More