Another Mini-RTW Begins!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I know I am, however for some reason, I didn’t travel much in July at all – only from Seattle to Kraków. That’s due to the fact that I just moved entirely back home to Kraków after completing uni in Seattle. July was truly hectic and my move explains the lack of posts on the blog.. so I… Read More

Mixed Feelings: Moving From Seattle

Hello from Kraków, Poland! A few days ago, I officially moved back to my home country from Seattle, flying in style of course. I’m happy to be back home with all of my family and it is exciting to be back in my beloved Europe where I really do feel like I am at home. However, I’m having mixed feelings about moving from Seattle… I’ve… Read More

How Long Can You Go Without Flying?

It has been less than a week since I’ve been on a plane and I’m already having “symptoms” of not travelling. These include, but are not limited to: Browsing reviews of First Class products Applying for new credit cards which earn miles or points Checking last-minute award availability Checking Google Flights for last-minute deals Checking SPG for last-minute hotel deals Looking at your carry-on and wondering… Read More

When Being Sick Finally Catches Up To You…

I’ve been travelling for almost two months non-stop now. At the beginning of May, I headed to Hawaii, later I headed to Asia, and after that was Fiji. June was crazy with a ton of domestic U.S. flying, then flying to Europe, then flying to South America, and finally back to the U.S. just a few days ago. It has been an insane two months…. Read More

Collect Memories, Not Souvenirs

I’ve been travelling around the world since as long as I can remember. My parents took me on countless trips when I was young and I was always fascinated by the idea of travel. However, I never understood why people would buy items (a.k.a. souvenirs) to remember a certain place.. I mean I believe you should collect memories and perhaps photos, but the fact of… Read More

My Exhausting 40 Hours of Travel

It has been a really long almost two days and I’m ready to sleep for at least a week… if not longer. My 40 hours of travel began in Cusco, Peru and ended in Seattle.. but oh my god, it was the worst itinerary ever and with the additional delays, I was just so damn exhausted. It isn’t exactly easy to fly back from Cusco… Read More

“Why Does Your Passport Have So Many Stamps?”

Hello from Santiago, Chile! I arrived yesterday evening from Buenos Aires and am staying here for the next few days before I continue my South American journey. I just wanted to share a small detail from my journey yesterday involving my passport. I flew Aerolíneas Argentinas from Buenos Aires to Santiago yesterday on a Boeing 737-800.. I mean there isn’t really a better way to use… Read More

Is Three Days in One Place Enough?

I travel a bit differently than most in that I don’t go to the major tourist attractions in each city, but rather walk around, get lost, and just enjoy where I end up – exploring different paths of a new place. Most often than not, I don’t spend more than three days in one place (unless it is maybe a “real” holiday where I’m on… Read More

Hola from Buenos Aires!

Hola from Buenos Aires! I landed in Argentina this morning, from Frankfurt, in Lufthansa First Class.. on Lufthansa’s longest flight. It was one of the best Lufthansa First Class flights ever – the crew was amazing and the food was delicious. The only downside is that I slept for nearly 10 hours! The total flight time was around 13 hours and therefore I didn’t enjoy… Read More

All of my Travel is Booked Last Minute

Booking last minute provides greater availability and more options since airlines and hotels will usually open up all unsold seats/rooms as awards, which means they are bookable using points. Back in the days, I would plan all of my trips months in advance. Literally, like 8 months out. Thankfully those days are over, because when I did that, I would be locked into a certain… Read More