American Express The Centurion Studio Seattle

24+ Hours in Los Angeles – Introduction American Express has the best lounges in the United States from all of the lounges of the U.S.-based carriers (such as United, American, Delta, etc). What sets the AMEX Centurion Lounges apart is that they offer real, warm food, complimentary alcohol, amazing AMEX-quality customer service, a gorgeous design, and more. American Express has been expanding their lounge network and they… Read More

AMEX Centurion Studio in Seattle now open!

American Express announced last year that they would be creating a new lounge concept, “The Centurion Studio”, which will be a smaller version of the regular AMEX Centurion Lounge. Last November, AMEX announced the first Studio will open at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As of early last week, the AMEX Centurion Studio in Seattle is now open. Unfortunately I am in Europe until early September and… Read More

American Express The Centurion Club Mexico City

A Weekend in la Ciudad de México – Introduction There are three AMEX Centurion Clubs at Mexico City airport… and they all suck, a lot. Most of the food and drinks you have to pay for and the whole concept of the ‘club’ just plain sucks. There are two clubs in Terminal 1, this one (landside) and another one, airside. There is also a club in terminal… Read More

Enrolling in $100 AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card Airline Credit

The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card received a bunch of new benefits today – along with an annual fee increase. However the fee increase is very small compared to the new array of benefits added to the card: $100 USD statement credit for airline incidental charges (like baggage fees, lounge access, food, etc.) No Foreign Transaction Fees New annual fee – $195 USD 2x… Read More

AMEX Centurion Studio Seattle – Updates & More Information

In November of last year, American Express announced they would be opening a new Centurion Studio at Seattle Airport some time this year. The Centurion Studio will be a smaller version of the Centurion Lounge and will enable AMEX to build more lounges since the Studio will require less room than a full Lounge. AMEX Centurion Lounges are among the best lounges in the U.S…. Read More

Currently relaxing in the Centurion Lounge

I’m currently on a mileage run with a layover in San Francisco and I’m currently relaxing in the Centurion Lounge (which isn’t that crowded at the moment, it is Friday night). Anyway, I’m SO glad I didn’t cancel my American Express Platinum card, yes, the $450 USD annual fee is heavy but the $200 USD airline reimbursement brings down the fee to $250 USD and… Read More

American Express The Centurion Lounge Las Vegas

After an on time arrival from Seattle in concourse E, I took the underground train to concourse D, where the American Express Centurion Lounge is. Randy and the House of Miles team sponsored the visit to the American Express lounge for all bloggers while we were at the BoardingArea conference. We were able to use the lounge flying into and out of Las Vegas, I would… Read More